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GY6.35 Capsule 12v Halogen Lamp

Up to 40% More Efficiency than Standard Lamp

Product Ref: 3817

From £3.90 inc VAT

Use the Radium ecoPlus GY6.35 lamp for longer life, less heat and lower running costs.

Also called G6.35, G6,35 & 2 pin base low pressure lamp.

Philips MasterCapsule with eco boost gives up to 40% more light per watt than standard capsule lamps

4,000 hours lamp life lasts up to four times the life of standard capsules

Fully dimmable and no mercury content.

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GY6,35 Philips MasterCapsule 20w 12v halogen lamp (420 lumens)
£5.50 exc VAT
Discounted - End of line stock
GY6,35 Philips MasterCapsule 30w 12v halogen lamp (750 lumens)
£3.25 exc VAT
GY6,35 Radium 50w 12v halogen lamp (1180 lumens)
£5.50 exc VAT

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