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GU10 Narrow Beam Pro HD LED Lamp - Precision and CRI 95

The lamp to use for accurate spotlighting

Yes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more details

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£27.00 inc VAT

Precision lighting is not something readily available off the shelf, a staggering number of GU10 lamps come with a 38-40° beam angle and ironically, they are referenced as being spot, medium or wide in their beam angle. Sadly the complexity of getting LED chips crammed into a small envelope to provide a uniform distribution and precision beam is a challenge.

We know this lamp is expensive, but it does give precise beam angles, uniform distribution and a high (95) colour rendering index. Not something to use everywhere, but something to use where it really matters.


30,000 hour expected life, with 125,000 switching cycles

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10° Beam Angle
10 Degree 2700k 6w GU10 Mains Lamp
£22.50 exc VAT
10 Degree 4000k 6w GU10 Mains Lamp
£22.50 exc VAT
20° Beam Angle
20 Degree 2700k 6w GU10 Mains Lamp
£22.50 exc VAT
20 Degree 4000k 6w GU10 Mains Lamp
£22.50 exc VAT

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