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G8.5 Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp


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Philips were the original designers of the Ceramic metal halide lamp. By replacing the quartz glass arc tube with a ceramic material they were able to stabilise the halides and avoid the horrible pink and magenta hues associated with glass arc tubes.

Here we offer ceramic lamps from Phillips and Radium. The standard TC metal halide lamp has a push in two-pin base. Being smaller in size than the G12 means that smaller fixtures can be produced that use metal halide technology. HIT-TC lamps are very efficient with good colour rendering but now there is the 'Elite' range which gives up to 15% more light and an impressive 105 lumens per watt (70w lamp) with colour rendering better than some halogen lamps (Ra90).

3000ºk = Warm white
4000ºk = Neutral white

  • Single-ended, high efficiency Ceramic Metal Halide Discharge Lamp
  • Standard and Elite variants to suit your needs
  • Stable colour performance - great for fashion retailing
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G8.5 Radium 20w TC Ceraball 3000ºk
£15.42 exc VAT
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G8.5 Radium 70w TC Ceraball 4000ºk
£15.42 exc VAT
G8.5 Radium 70w TC Ceraball 3000ºk
£15.42 exc VAT
G8.5 Philips MasterColour Elite 70w 3000ºk
£15.42 exc VAT
G8.5 Radium 35w TC Ceraball 4000ºk
£15.42 exc VAT
G8.5 Radium 35w TC Ceraball 3000ºk
£15.42 exc VAT

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