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G12 CDM-T Metal Halide Lamp

Standard and Elite Variants to Suit Your Need

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Philips were the original designers of the Ceramic metal halide lamp. By replacing the quartz glass arc tube with a ceramic material they were able to stabilise the halides and avoid the horrible pink and magenta hues associated with glass arc tubes.

The standard CDM-T lamps are very efficient with good colour rendering but now there is the 'Elite' range which gives up 15% more light  and an impressive 105 lumens per watt (70w lamp) with colour rendering better than some halogen lamps (Ra90)

  • Single-ended, high efficiency Ceramic Metal Halide Discharge Lamp
  • Standard and Elite variants to suit your needs
  • Stable colour performance - great for fashion retailing
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G12 Philips MasterColour Elite 150w
£10.75 exc VAT
Discounted - End of line stock
G12 Philips MasterColour 35w Warm White (3000ºK)
£8.33 exc VAT
G12 Radium MasterColour 70w Warm Daylight
£12.50 exc VAT
G12 Radium MasterColour 70w Natural Daylight
£12.50 exc VAT

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