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Industrial Flexible Stem Tall Touch Dimmable Table Lamp

Luna Designer Light by Edgar Home inc LED Lamp

Yes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more detailsWhen installed and in situ the height can be adjusted to suit your needs.Bulbs Included

2200°K - Soft Warm White

2200°K - Soft Warm White

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£58.50 inc VAT

These tall table lamps have several very good features. First the stem is flexible, bendable allowing you to adjust the lamp and direct the light to a particular place (note however this is a firm flex to ensure it does not flop). The base is also touch dimmable in three steps which helps you govern the light level you require. Third, it comes complete with an LED spherical amber tinted lamp which is energy efficient and has an attractive filament.

Ideal for placing next to a bed, in a study, living space for example providing ambient decorative, interesting illumination. The flex is a cotton covered cord which has an off/off switch and comes with European plug and a faux leather strap which holds the cable tied neatly. 

To dim the table lamp you can touch either the base or the lamp holder (note the LED lamp does not get hot) and it will illuminate once and brighten two times. Tapping again will turn the fitting off and you can then tap for the lowest level of light up to the third highest level.

The lamp included is a G125 spherical bulb, 6 watts with an amber tint. Average lifespan 30,000 hours, luminous flux 360, warm ambient glow 2200k.

The Edgar lighting range represents high quality combined with ambient, energy efficient LED bulbs. The products features are clean, contemporary designs and utilise cutting-edge technology to produce a stable, warm and flattering glow.

Edgar are based in Berlin, and are supplies to leading designers, interior and gift stores throughout Europe and beyond. Inspired by the notion of space the designs enhance the rooms in which they live. Not only long-lasting and gentle on the eye, there is a quiet poetry to the way their lamps echo the incandescence of those produced by Edison more than a century ago.

All of Edgar's lighting includes LED bulbs in eco-friendly packaging. Each collection works well to set a peaceful scene, provide subtle highlights and make a home.


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