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AR111 EcoPlus Halogen Energy Saving Lamp

Halogen light with lower running costs

Yes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more details

Product Ref: 3732

£9.00 inc VAT

Low voltage halogen reflector lamp with double ended burner and high purity aluminium reflector.

It gives energy saving of up to 40% together with reduced heat and maintenance.

Over double the lamp life of standard AR111 lamps with MTBF of 4,000 hours.

Suitable for a wide range of applications in display, accent lighting and general lighting in retail, museum and everywhere quality of light is essential.

Bright, white halogen quality light (up to 3050K) for decorative and architectural lighting.

Aluminium faceted reflector for a better beam control.

Metal cap over filament to avoid direct glare effects and hot point UV-block to reduce bleaching effect


Select Beam angles and wattages required below

  • Precise lighting
  • Reduced glare
  • Many wattages and beam angles
  • 2000 hour average life
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Limited stocks available
AR111 Radium EcoPlus 35w 24º - Medium spot (=50W)
£7.50 exc VAT
Limited stocks available
AR111 Radium EcoPlus 50w 6º - spot (=75W)
£7.50 exc VAT
Limited stocks available
AR111 Radium EcoPlus 50w 40º - wide spot (=75W)
£7.50 exc VAT

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