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Aim - The Larger Offset Pendant by Flos

A Stylish Unusual Hanging Pendant for Modern Environments

Offers no protection from splashed or sprayed waterClass 2 – This fitting is double insulated and does not require an earth.Yes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more detailsFlex can be shorted at the time of installation.Bulbs IncludedIncludes integral driver/transformer suitable for 230 - 240v supply

2700°K - Soft Warm White

2700°K - Soft Warm White

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These pendants use friction and form to provide a flexible lighting solution yet we are often asked how Aim works...

  1. Each Luminaire comes complete with a small ceiling fixing through which the power cable passes. One end of this cable enters the light at the top and sets the height of the light. The other end of the flex passes through a fixing point on the side. By adjusting the length angle of the light is adjusted and friction holds it in place.

  2. The aim pendant is supplied with 9 metres of power cable. This means that Aim can be used as a ceiling light where there is no electrical point because the power cable is long enough to provide the suspension and loop all the way back to a suitable electrical point on the ceiling.

  3. In this listing Aim comes complete with a ceiling terminal to provide power to one pendant.

  4. You can create a cluster of pendants by using a multiple ceiling rose that can accommodate (and provide power) for five pendants.

  5. When creating your cluster light design up to five Aim lights can be positioned where and at the height you desire.

  6. Aim is also available in a smaller size (see listing below) allowing you to use a mix of sizes.

Aim is an enclosed pendant. The reflector is made from spun aluminium which is hard anodised in a choice of colours, choose black, white, ivy green, blue steel and light silver. The front of the fixture has a flush diffuser in an opal photo-etched polycarbonate - you cannot see the LED lamp inside.

Each individual pendant comes with its own ceiling rose, which allow the pendants to be used individually. If you are looking to create a cluster pendant you can use the multiple ceiling rose, which can hold up to 5 pendants.

The LED chip is a 20 watt array giving a warm white light (2700°k).  It gives good colour rendering (with a CRI >90).

Aim gives 1250 lumens as much light as a 100w incandescent lamp

The Aim pendants listed below are dimmable with a triac (leading edge) dimmer suitable for the total load - buy the best you can to avoid potential issues.

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Black Aim Pendant by Flos
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Black Aim Pendant by Flos
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White Aim Pendant By Flos
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Ivy Green Anodised Aim Pendant By Flos
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Blue Steel Anodised Aim Pendant By Flos
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Light Silver Anodised Aim Pendant By Flos
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Ceiling Rose for 2-5 pendants
Wiring for 2-5 Pendants
Black Ceiling Rose
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Wiring for 2-5 Pendants
White Ceiling Rose
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