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Outdoor Lighting for coastal areas

Coastal areas subject to sea spray, salty air, high wind and rain levels can limit your choice of outdoor lighting.  Lighting Styles have put together a category full of products offering corrosion resistance through the use of materials such as copper and galvanized steel along with an IP44 rating or higher. Great for use near the sea, estuaries, lagoons etc. but just as good in a less harsh inland environment if you so wish. We have many more products which are corrosion resistant so if you cannot see something you like here, please contact us with your requirements and we will endeavour to find you a marine grade fitting.

Items 97 to 96 of 96.
Items 97 to 96 of 96.

Coastal lighting - ensuring your lights stay pristine

If your property is in a coastal location sometimes around 10 miles out from the sea, the lighting will face an environment more hostile than those homes which are further inland. Exterior lighting has to cope with a lot in the UK from heavy snow through to torrential rain and strong winds including highs and lows of temperature.  Homes in the coastal areas have to cope with the additional problem of airborne salt. 

Salt does not stay in the sea, it gets whipped up in the waves and is carried by the wind and inland.  Salt is present in sea water and is corrosive to many materials, particularly metals. When salt remains in contact with steel, as it does when damp or wet, a chemical action occurs between the steel and the salt which results in the steel being eaten away. Anything made of steel which is either submerged in sea water or exposed to being splashed by salty air will have a very limited life.

Lighting Styles have put this section together to help you find a product suitable for your home if you are within a 10 mile or so radius of the sea.  If you already have however external lights however you can help to preserve them and extend their life by careful maintenance. If they are galvanised make sure the galvanising does not get damaged in any way. If they are painted, keep them regularly painted so that the paint remains intact. In all cases you need to ensure that all openings are kept sealed against the ingress of damp salty air. The brass connectors will last longer if you keep them coated with non-conducting grease.

If you have any questions about what to use please contact us for advice.