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Garden Lighting and Exterior Lights for Outdoor Spaces - Design Ideas and Advice

These pages contain a great selection of outdoor and exterior lighting for gardens and outdoor spaces many with either energy saving LED lamps. Choose from the more traditional or opt for a real contemporary fitting to wow and delight. These exterior lights will help you create ambiance and a sense of theatre, giving you an extra room to your home. As well as the lights which require some time to install there are also some simple spike lights that can simply be pushed into the ground and switched on.

Whichever you choose, we are sure you will will like the selection of garden lights and exterior lighting on offer here. If you require garden lighting design advice please call us on 01780 767617 and our team will be happy to assist.

Featured Products

Remote PIR detector - 180º sensor

Also available with a 110º sensor
Lux and time adjustable
12 metre range
On for 5 seconds to 4 minutes

Price £17.09

Colour Changing Ten Light LED Kit

Put colour changing lightis in your house or garden
Low heat and energy saving
Kit contains 10 lights, in-line power supply, remote control and all cables
Easy installation RGB LED kit for trade and DIY

Price £129.60

Festoon Party Lights - 10 Lights

IP44 rated - ok whatever the weather
Perfect for parties!
Bright traditional lighting
Available in clear or coloured lamps

Price £39.98

Illuminated House Number Plaque Twin

An attractive and practical wall light for your home
Up / Down Wall Light - Single Downlight also available
Offered in galvanised, or powder coated paint finishes black or Aluminium
Full range of self adhesive numbers supplied

Price £44.00

Tall and Slim Exterior Wall Light H:325mm

Great for modern or traditional homes
Bollard light also available
GU10 LED low energy lamp included
Designed by Bonnelycke mdd

Price £79.61

HL 410 Steel & Copper Exterior Wall Light

Warm-galvanised steel, copper and clear acrylic
Fantastic design and styling
Ideal for many exterior applications
Superior Danish design from LightYears

Price £479.00

Exterior LED Rope Light

IP44 Rated - perfect for outdoor use on the ground or mounted
Quick and easy solution - LED tape complete with plug-top transformer
Perfect for many areas in the garden
Guide lighting for paths and eaves lighting especially

Price £35.95
Garden Lights and Exterior Lighting Outdoor and garden lighting can be a lot more than a means to extend the day. Think of the mood created on a stage with lighting and consider what you can do with your own outdoor space simply by using garden lights. Sunlight is great as it makes the garden thrive but it provides a very uniform light to everything in the garden regardless of whether it is something you want to see or not. However, when night falls you can control what is and is not seen and creative outdoor lighting that truly brings the garden to life.

Security lighting should only be used as security lighting. You will never create an outdoor oasis with a halogen flood light filling the garden with stark light and many thieves regard a light as aiding their trade! Consider, and imagine instead, some of these options: a statue with an up light highlighting the features, perhaps a warm tone spike light picking out your favourite plant, a buried up light close to the trunk of a tree for a shadowy, moonlight effect or maybe a wall mounted spot light to highlight the walls tones and hues.

There is also hard landscaping that may require garden lighting, decks and paths that need indicator lights or lights within and around a swimming pool that can used on warm summer evenings.

Lighting the garden at night not only creates light and shadows but a real sense of drama to the garden, totally transforming the area when daylight fades and night begins.

With a little planning and thought your outdoor lighting can make the outdoor space unique and usable throughout the year.

There will be more tips and tricks in each lighting category above.



Garden Lighting Ideas:

There is more to garden lighting than banging up a floodlight and fixing a few lights into your deck. Here are a few garden lighting ideas to inspire you...

Day light, particularly in the middle of the day, is bright and covers everything in an even blanket of light. However at dawn or at sunset the low angle of the sun creates long shadows and sunlight peeks through these and at certain times seems to pick out some items more than others. This painting of light in the garden is something you should try to create in your garden in the evening. Certain features take on a different look when washed with light, and as the garden is always going through a yearly growing cycle some flexibility is required to change the point of interest at different times of the year.

Spike lights are easy to move and provide the flexibility required picking out spring blossom, summer plants in flower or stark red stalks of dogwood in the winter.

Fixed garden lighting can be used to accent texture and fixtures stone walls, hard landscaping and even fences benefit from lighting mounted at a close angle.

Use garden uplights with care. Ensure that they do not cause discomfort through glare by using baffles or positioning them away from paths and hazards.

Tip No.1 Put a lead on garden lights so you can try them in position before fixing them in place. Sometimes moving lights just a few centimetres can make a world of difference to the light effect gained.

Tip No.2 Less is more! If your fixture can take a 100 watt lamp don’t assume this will give the best results try lower wattage lamps and you may see a more subtle light effect. Putting too much light into an area can make unlit areas look particularly dark and a balance is required.

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