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Decking Lights and Walk Over Ground Lighting

Used to illuminate paths, drives or timber decking these lights and are called demarcation lights.  Deck and ground lights allow you to determine where one area ends and another begins.  Available in various sizes and finishes to suit your needs.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for advice and information on demarcation lighting. If you require further information call our sales team on 01780 767617.

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Smart Round LED Ground Light - IP67Smart Round LED Ground Light - IP67

Smart Round LED Ground Light - IP67

Finished in Anodised Aluminium
Blue or White LED 10 Light KitBlue or White LED 10 Light Kit

Blue or White LED 10 Light Kit

5 Products
Blue or White 6500K - Perfect for Deckings
Neat Little LED Light for DeckingNeat Little LED Light for Decking

Neat Little LED Light for Decking

Energy Efficient
High Power LED Cast LightHigh Power LED Cast Light

High Power LED Cast Light

Provides an All Round Wash of Light
Affordable IP67 Colour Changing Ten Light LED KitAffordable IP67 Colour Changing Ten Light LED Kit

Affordable IP67 Colour Changing Ten Light LED Kit

Perfect for Plinths, Bathrooms or Outside Decking
LED In-Ground Floor Spot - 316L Stainless Steel BezelLED In-Ground Floor Spot - 316L Stainless Steel Bezel

LED In-Ground Floor Spot - 316L Stainless Steel Bezel

3 Products
12v DC or Mains 240v Options
LED Outdoor Adjustable Ground LightLED Outdoor Adjustable Ground Light

LED Outdoor Adjustable Ground Light

2 Products
Choose from Aluminium or Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Mini IP67 SpotlightStainless Steel Mini IP67 Spotlight

Stainless Steel Mini IP67 Spotlight

2 Products
Ideal as Niche Light or Floor Uplight
Free-standing Low Level Patio SpotlightFree-standing Low Level Patio Spotlight

Free-standing Low Level Patio Spotlight

3 Products
For Exterior or Interior Use
Items 25 to 35 of 35.

Demarcation lighting - how and where to use

Demarcation lighting is used around paths, drives, jetties and timber decked areas to highlight where one area finishes and another begins.

Basic design principles – all areas

Wherever possible avoid creating glare particularly near the edge of decking or around stairs and steps. If there is not much ambient light in your garden and you position a buried uplight shining straight up near or on a pedestrians route you will cause glare. The intensity of the buried uplight can be 500x brighter than moonlight or low ambient lighting. In bright light the eyes iris contracts to restrict the light entering the eye and in the above scenario may find yourself or your guests disabled by the bright light which can result in loss of balance at worst or discomfort at best.

Pathway lighting

If your garden does not have high levels of ambient light from street lamps or your own general lighting you may wish to highlight the path to avoid inadvertently treading in flowerbeds or borders. This lighting can be very valuable not only to ease navigation but also provides a some life to dark areas at night.

Timber decking

On a timber deck you do not want guests to trip or fall and a low level light provides assistance to avoid tripping as well as providing soft and subdued lighting that gives a pleasant effect. Colours that work well include white light, amber or yellow and red. In some locations blue LEDs do look effective but beware as blue light can seem more intense to the eyes at night.

Driveway lights

If you have a curved or sweeping drive, or if you regularly have to reverse in or out of your drive, you may wish to mark the edge of the drive with buried lighting either in the drive or in the lawn. This lets you and your guests see the driveway and avoid driving on lawn areas.

Piers and jetties

On jetties low level, glare free lighting is imperative to negotiate around hazards that would cause injury or endanger life. Marine use require fittings with resistance to corrosion and high ingress protection.