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Cabinet Lighting for Under Cupboards, Shelves and Pelmets

Take a look through our hand-picked range of under-cabinet lighting for the perfect addition to your kitchen. 

Under-cabinet lighting has long been overlooked, but with the transformation of our kitchens from mere functional spaces to design-lead multi-functional social hubs, the importance of incorporating multi-level lighting such as under-cabinet lighting is now appreciated. Not only does under-cabinet lighting provide a functional benefit in lighting up your kitchen surfaces for activities such as food prep, but it's also great for highlighting your kitchen's beauty and design credentials and adding general low-level ambient light to the space. If you have spent time choosing a beautiful backsplash, wonderful textured tiles, or truly stunning work surfaces, under-cabinet lighting is fantastic for highlighting that beauty. 

Whether you're looking for under-shelf, or pelmet-style options, our selection is sure to have the perfect design for you kitchen lighting project.

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Items 25 to 24 of 24.

Under cabinet lighting - information and advice

Under shelf lighting has been around for a few years now but the latest products are quite different from the lights that appeared under kitchen cabinets even 5 years ago.

LED chips, tape and arrays are now commonplace instead of fluorescent, their diminutive size has less visual impact than tubes, they generate far less heat than halogen, and they offer a choice of colour temperatures giving you the best choice for your kitchen units, tiles, and splashback.

Warm white lighting enhances the colour of wood, daylight makes white and metallic surfaces pop, whereas a neutral white can work with all colours. Fixture with CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature) provide you the ability to choose the light that works in your space, often by a switch that can be set when installed or even when fixed in position.

To get the spacing right in your kitchen you can always wire your lights into a plug to enable you to get the distribution you require.