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Floor Standing Reading and Task Lights

A floor reading light will be of benefit next a settee and unlike a shaded table lamp you will be able to direct the lamp head to exactly where you require.  This is great for reading the newspaper or a book whilst your partner watches television without the need for an overhead light.

There are one or two manufacturers and distributors that talk the talk about their range of reading lights as being high contrast, proper reading lights with high intensity, vibrant colours and 10x the brightness of a regular bulb. Hogwash. You do not need to spend £399 to get excellent colour rendering and sharp contrast form a reading light.  All the work is done by the lamp (or the bulb as its more commonly known). Use a good quality halogen lamp with the right beam angle and you will be thrilled with the results. We have added notes on the pros and cons of all the floor standing reading lights in this section.

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Brass Swing-Arm Adjustable Floor Lamp

Brass Swing-Arm Adjustable Floor Lamp

Antique Patina Finish
Leaning Ladder Shelf with Adjustable Lamp HeadLeaning Ladder Shelf with Adjustable Lamp Head

Leaning Ladder Shelf with Adjustable Lamp Head

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Floor lights for reading - tips and advice

My eyes are not what they used to be... a common complaint and but you can make life easier by using the correct prescription glasses with a good quality reading light. Do not be tempted to make do with a table lamp with a cotton twill shade buy an adjustable floor reading light and revel in the results. Of course any reading light can also be used for a variety of hobbies including needlecraft, stamp collecting, crafting or jigsaw puzzles.