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Floor Lights with Fabric Shades

Fabric and textile shades are a classic for a reason, they beautifully diffuse light around your room while maintaining a homely feel amongst your soft furnishings. However, things have come a long way from crimped shades with slotted ribbons, our selection of hand-picked fabric shade floor lamps vary from the uber-modern, to artistic wooden styles, and of course updated classics.

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Bibliotheque Nationale Floor Lamp by FlosBibliotheque Nationale Floor Lamp by Flos

Bibliotheque Nationale Floor Lamp by Flos

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Five Shade Options all with USB on Base
Items 25 to 25 of 25.

Shade Floor Lamps - Tips and Advice

Floor lamps provide not only a solution to practical lighting requirements, but also create great opportunity to contribute to the aesthetic of your room. When thinking about which floor lamp to bring into your space, it helps to think about how you want that addition to interact with the rest of the room. Perhaps you’re looking for a lamp that blends seamlessly with the theme or textiles in your current scheme? Or perhaps you’d like to utilise your new floor lamp to create an accent theme, such as through the use of a material like brass, or a particular colour finish? The choice is entirely yours. Our range spans a vast array of up-to-date styles including tripod styles and even styles with integrated reading lights, so you are sure to find the perfect style.

Floor lamps are versatile in that you are free to place them wherever you choose in your space whether in living rooms, hallways, or bedrooms. Situated immediately behind or beside an armchair or sofa, floor lamps are an ideal way to deliver low-level relaxed lighting for reading, screen time, or simply relaxing in a favourite chair.