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Display Lighting Systems

Lighting Styles knows display lighting - we cut out teeth lighting expensive items with stylish and innovative lighting solutions. So whatever the object, and wherever the display, we have a solution that will make it work. Here you will find a full and extensive range of cabinet lighting solutions, miniature track lighting systems and display case lights suitable for a variety of commercial applications. They are all reliable, functional and cost effective solutions for display lighting. And of course as we love commercial display lighting we like to talk about it! What’s more we love a challenge – call us if you would like assistance, it will be a pleasure to talk shop!

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Display case lighting - information

What places have we lit? Over the last 20 years or so we have worked on lighting solutions for museums, art galleries (both public and private), the homes of a few celebrated actors (with very expensive art collections), jewellers (lots), High Street retailers, OEM electrical goods, high end retailers and supermarkets. Have we seen it all before? Well we would like to think so...

We provide our customers with good practical advice on the colour-rendering of lamps, advising what type of lamps to use on their goods. We discuss lamp life, running costs and maintenance, as these should be something that is considered, and we make proposals about what luminaire would best suit all of these needs. It is familiar ground but each project is a challenge and we love to get hands-on and find the best display lighting for your needs.