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LED Cabinet Display Lighting - for display boxes or cabinets

Whether you have a cabinet of curiosities or a display of fine gems and jewellery you will want to show your items in the best light. With this stick based LED system you can use small frame display cabinets or UV bonded boxes and get localised lighting exactly where you need it. This LED strip lighting solution offers a range of lengths and connection components to allows you to construct your own display lighting in a variety of shapes and sizes. Available in two different lengths and two colour temperatures with a total of 10 ways to connect, this is a truly bespoke system that will cater to any display lighting needs that you may have. If you need our assistance please get in touch - we will be happy to help

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Remove visible obstructions from your displays!

Displays no longer need deep timber frames to hold the control gear and large fluorescent tubes. LED display systems means that UV Bonding is a suitable way to present and protect your items without concerns over heat, UV or glare. Your displays and create showcases can be totally free from mechanical fixings.