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Cluster lights - when a space needs impact

Larger spaces may require something more dramatic, longer, bigger and stylish to catch the eye and fill the space. They will need to be light effective and the right drop and diameter - these cluster pendants will hopefully be a good starting place to finding the right product. The majority of these lights have the ability to change the height of the individual suspensions allowing you to stagger or change the style to suit your space and required look. A large space with a high ceiling or a stairwell will really look extra special with a beautiful light.

We have another category which has similar cluster pendants but have much longer drops or suspension flexes allowing you to install them on the really high ceiling, atrium or stairwell. See the Long Drop Pendant category by clicking here.

Items 73 to 72 of 72.
Items 73 to 72 of 72.

These cluster pendants are suitable for various applications - living room space, kitchen, hallway. Many have one central rose from which hangs multiple glass or metal shades and some can be off-set to create even further interest. The height of the suspension can be altered on a vast majority of these fittings at time of installation. Some provide the ability to reposition the lights on-the-fly to change the lighting effect in a room in seconds. You may also wish to consider having each flex hanging at different heights instead of all at the same height which can work with longer drops.