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Interior Wall Lights

Wall lights are an effective way of introducing more light into your home or commercial space. We stock an extensive range of wall lights from traditional fixtures to stylish, modern energy saving fittings. Have a look through the categories for ideas on lighting your space.

Within this category you’ll find a wide range of quality lighting to cater for a wide range of tastes; this includes a variety of finishes including metal, plaster and contemporary colours, along with specialist wall lighting such as illuminated shelves, bedside reading lights, and lighting for pictures and artwork.

Take a look below at the various categories for inspiration and further advice. Feel free to contact our friendly sales team if you require any assistance.

Featured Products

Architectural Plaster Wall Uplight

Design by Loic Beuchet
100% Mineral Plaster
For Large or Commercial Spaces
Available In Different Lamp Fittings

Price £238.69

Illuminated Box Shelf

Built in switch on underside
Toughened glass top and bottom
Extruded aluminium casing - with hard anodised finish
Ideal for kitchens, bedrooms or living areas

Price £68.35

Foglio Wall Light by Flos

Available in three finishes to suit your space
Low glare stylish contemporary design
Ideal for many rooms within the home or office
Dimmable on any dimmer system

Price £148.75

Ceramic Rise & Fall Wall Light

Hand-made classic styling
29 fired colours to choose from
Unique French styling
Ideal for many rooms within the home

Price £190.68

Compact Plaster Wall Light

Look good singularly or in groups
Can be painted to macth your decor
In stock and ready for a quick dispatch

Price £35.00

Old School Switched Wall Reading Light

Constructed from powder-coated steel - finished in chalk.
On / Off rocker switch - located at base
Contemporary Modern Design

Price £50.00

Classic Bedside Light - Switched

Three colour options - Black, Cream or Chrome
Ideal for the home or hotels
Tilting lamp head and rod
Black flex on all finishes

Price £71.34

Chunky Metal Adjustable Wall Light

1800mm trailing lead
Nickel detailing on knuckles
White interior on shade
Industrial chunky design

Price £96.70

Wall lights

Are still used in many homes although some of the newer houses do not have the appropriate wiring in place as house builders have taken the easy route and installed single pendants in the middle of the ceiling.

If you have wiring in place, or wish to undertake the work, Lighting Styles has a wide range of wall lights ranging from picture lights, decorative and functional wall lights, wall lights that create lighting effects, plaster wall lights, porcelain wall lights, wall sconces, wall torches, wall uplights, wall downlights, wall up and down lights, reading lights, wall lights with integral switches, ultra modern wall lights, traditional brass wall lights, crystal wall lights and wall lights from leading lighting designers - to name a few! Tips and guides for wall lights can be found on each page.

Wall lights offer an inconspicuous and tidy way of providing light. Unlike say floor lamps which are be tall and big with trailing leads, or centre lights which can dominate a room.

You need to work out what purpose your wall lights will serve before considering what position they are to be installed at on the wall. If you intend to use the wall light as reading light in a bedroom then the lights will need to be positioned at a height that enables you to carry out the required task. Perhaps you were considering having the light “bounce” off the ceiling in which case you will need install them at a high enough height near the ceiling to achieve this effect.

As wall lights are fixed to the wall it is worth bearing in mind the sort of beam and light pattern the fitting will throw onto the wall. The light pattern can vary greatly because of the large range of designs and styles of wall lights available. From Art Deco period style wall lights with acid etched glass which will provide a diffused soft ambient light, to the more sleek and contemporary chrome up/down wall light which will light the wall up and down more directionally.

Also, if you have a translucent shade on the fitting, this will act as a diffuser for the light emanating from the light source. Wall fittings that have the shade placed very close to the wall will mix direct, indirect and diffused light in such a way that the direct light will give a wall washing effect below whilst the ceiling above and the area of the wall behind the light will reflect light back into the room.

All of these factors should to be considered if you want to make the maximise the light capabilities of your wall lights - assuming that you are not purely installing them for decorative purposes.



Most UK home owners buy wall lights as a replacement for existing wall lights. Very few are prepared to install wall lights where no existing wiring exists. It can often be thought of as too much trouble or noisy and dusty work to channel out and install wiring within the wall. Equally there is a great desire to put all of our furniture against the walls to make "more space".
However just using pendant lights can make the walls in a space darker and this is less pleasing to the eye. So before you next decorate your room think about whether wall lights will improve your space. And don't just think of wall lights as a couple of lamps two thirds of the way up the wall. When Lighting Styles present you with a selection of wall lights it includes Bedside Lights, Wall Lights that plug into a socket and reading lights

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