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The Very Best LED Under Cabinet Lights

12v LED Two Colours & Great Value Plus Performance

  • Surface Mounted or Recessed
Class 3 - This fitting is low voltage and will require a transformer or driver.Yes, this product is dimmable - See the specifications tab for more detailsBulbs IncludedNo driver or transformer is supplied with this fixture (sold separately)

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From £15.00 inc VAT

The use of value for money components is important on any project. Nobody wants to spend extra cash without getting something in return. But getting the very best product without paying a premium is the best of both worlds. Simply put there is no product on the market that outperforms this product AND is such fantastic value.

Inside the fixture is an array of 26 SMD LED chips. The diffuser is frosted, allowing a wide spread of light which means that when used in even shallow spaces you get a good even illumination.

There is no heat from the lamp to scorch furniture, ideal if you are replacing halogen lights recessed into the cabinets.

Provides a wide distribution of light - all diodes have 160 degree beam angle. They give the 50% more light than a 20w tungsten halogen light (380 lux at 0.5 metres and 100 lux at 1.0 metre) and cost virtually nothing to run.

Round Fitting
Fully Recessed (61mm drill bit) 10mm deep
For use in kitchen cabinets (top or bottom) or in flyover panels

Round Surface Mounted
The LED is housed in a low profile housing 14mm deep and 68mm in diameter. A small notch, with a plastic grommet, allows you to run the cable out the side of the fixture, avoiding having to drill through the underside of the base unit.

Both designs are available in a choice of colour temperatures:

3000ºk (warm white) light output enhances the colours of warm tones and wood materials
5000ºk (cool white) light output enhances the colour of white, blue, black and silver materials.

These high output LED under cabinet lights are suitable for recessing into furniture. This makes them suitable for flyover pelmets and for use in the top of kitchen cabinets. They can be used on the underside of cabinets only if you are competent enough to cut a rebate 10mm deep into the carcass with a plunge-cut router.

The lights are made from stainless steel with a brushed finish. They have a frosted glass cover pre-wired with 2400mm flex.

The lights are not sold in kits this gives you the flexibility to position lights where desired and use whichever 12v power supply suits your needs.

  • Matt brushed stainless steel with clear glass and pre-wired with 2400mm flex
  • Choose from surface mounted or recessed
  • Easy plug-in connections
  • Choose from white or warm white LED colour

Would you like a local switch to operate and dim these lights?
We have a hand swipe sensor that can be recessed or surface mounted which allows you to turn the lights on/off and dim them with ease. It can be found here

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Under Cabinet Lights - Surface Mounted
Single Surface Round 12v LED u/c Light - Cool White
£14.17 exc VAT
Single Surface Round 12v LED u/c Light - Warm White
£14.17 exc VAT
Under Cabinet Lights - Recessed
Single Recessed 12v LED u/c Light - Warm White
£12.50 exc VAT
Single Recessed 12v LED u/c Light - Cool White
£12.50 exc VAT
Drivers - On/Off switching or dimming via sensor
6w LED Power Supply - Supplies 1 - 3 fittings
£13.50 exc VAT
15w LED Power Supply - Supplies 1 - 6 fittings
£19.71 exc VAT
Drivers - Dimmable via a standard rotary dimmer switch
12V 10W Dimmable LED Driver - 1 - 5 fittings
£33.71 exc VAT
30w Driver - Triac Dimmable - Powers up to 15
£53.46 exc VAT

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