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Home Automation and PIR Sensors - Outdoors

Lighting Styles offers several external or remote PIR detectors that can be used switch on lighting circuits and operate garden lighting and external lighting that do not have PIR sensors built in. Using a remote PIR sensor does mean that all lights can be switched on at the same time rather than waiting for individual lights to be switched as you move into the path of each sensor. Note: PIR occupancy detectors for indoor use can be found here.

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PIR & Home Automation - further advice

In a light fitting with a PIR-based motion detector, the PIR sensor is typically mounted on a printed circuit board which also contains the necessary electronics required to interpret the signals from the chip. The sensor is mounted in a location where it can view the area to be monitored. Infrared energy is able to reach the sensor through the opaque window because the plastic used is transparent to infrared radiation. This plastic sheet or bubble prevents the introduction of dust and insects which could obscure the sensor`s field of view or fill the light fitting with bugs and dust.

A person entering the monitored area is detected when the infrared energy emitted from the intruder`s body is focused by a lens or a mirror segment and overlaps a section on the chip which had previously been looking at some much cooler part of the protected area. As the intruder moves, so does the hot spot on the surface of the chip - moving hot spots cause the electronics connected to the chip to de-energize the relay, operating its contacts and illuminating the lamp circuit.