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Lamp Post Lighting for Exterior Garden Use

Take a look through our hand-picked selection of lamp post lighting for your garden or outdoor space. Originally used for lighting streets within a populated zone, the lamp post is now celebrated as a classic design staple for private houses and outdoor spaces.

Regardless of their aesthetic appeal, the lamp post is also a practical tool for illuminating your house's exterior. The lamp post design, due to the high position of the lamp, is perfect if you would like to light a larger area than a low-level light. Equally, unlike wall-mounted lighting, a lamp post can be positioned further away from your house or building. Scroll to the bottom of this page for tips and advice on incorporating lamp post lighting in your outdoor space.

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Classic Gasolier Style Copper Lantern Lampposts Classic Gasolier Style Copper Lantern Lampposts

Classic Gasolier Style Copper Lantern Lampposts

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Small or Large Lantern & Two Heights
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Lamp post lighting for domestic gardens and commercial spaces - Tips and Advice

Multiple Lamp Posts 

If you are looking for specific performance from your lamp posts, beyond a single column at the bottom of your garden, you will need to consider the optical performance of the fitting. This will let you know much light will be cast by a lamp post when affixed to a column of a specific height. To achieve a uniform distribution, that avoids creating high-contrast light, an overlap is required from the pools of light. To make a route comfortable for pedestrians and vehicles, dark areas and high-contrasts should be avoided. Consult the tailored description of each lamp post design to get an indication of the ideal spacing between lamp posts.

If you have a larger space and need an extensive computer-assisted design, please contact us for more information. And as always, if you would like some advice specifically tailored to your project, do get in touch via phone, email, or our online chat function. We love to hear from you!