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Architectural Floodlights

Flood lighting your building, trees or architectural features? Lighting Styles has a wide range of surface mounted floodlights for residential and commercial use. A design guide is available at the bottom of this page to assist you but please call if you require further advice or assistance choosing the right product for your area.

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Items 1 to 0 of 0.

Colour is the first element to be considered when floodlighting your home or architectural features. First consider the colour of the object you are lighting. Stone and bricks come in many colours and plants change colour throughout the year. If you wish to floodlight a high wall made of a warm coloured stone you should use a different colour lamp than that used to highlight stainless steel cladding.

Break your features that require illumination into three groups.

Red (including orange, yellow and other shades) blue and green (including steelwork, cladding and water) and white.

Warm lamps can be used to enhance those in the red camp. Cold (daylight and blue) lamps can be used to enhance the blue and green camp. White objects can either be warmed up with warm lamps or made more vibrant with bright white colours. Consider also the use of coloured lamps because white walls can be used as a blank canvas to project coloured light onto to create a new look in the evening.  Have fun and create something different from something mundane!