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Floor Lamps - Modern and Sublime

Sometimes ordinary just doesn't cut the mustard. Our hand-picked selection of ultra modern floor lamps span leading design houses and showcase truly iconic and cutting-edge design. Position a floor lamp within the scope of a conversational area, such as a seating area, and thereby create a distinct ambient zone that is as striking as it is functional. 

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Ultra Modern Floor Lamps - Tips and Advice 

When thinking about incorporating ultra modern floor lamps into your room, it can help to think about how you would like that piece to interact with your current interior design scheme. If you're looking for a piece that fits in seamlessly with your ultra-modern interiors, then this is easy enough to achieve. But, this doesn't mean that ultra modern design should only be incorporated in homes with an all over modern aesthetic. One of the most interesting ways to feature cutting-edge design is to incorporate pieces into contrasting room aesthetics. For example, contrasting the traditional large-scale features of a Georgian townhouse with ultra-modern feature pieces can create an incredibly striking result that highlights the beauty of the highly contrasting eras.

If thinking of incorporating an ultra-modern floor lamp into your design scheme it can also help to think of the piece as a work of art in itself. Often something as simple as assigning a clear space for your ultra-modern piece, where there is no visual clutter, can allow the chic lines of its design to truly sing.