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Balance Arm Floor Lamps

Balance arm floor lamps are a practical, yet style-savvy addition to your home or workspace. The balance arm comprises two connecting arms with springs for tension. The springs counteract the force of gravity and hold the shape of the lamp in position. The lamp is adjustable at each section, therefore allowing you to create your desired shape and look. 

Balance arm floor lamps vary in style and finish, from the resurgence of industrial styles abundant in workshops for the last century, to scandi inspired minimalist designs in luxe finishes, the balance arm design is as stylish and versatile a choice as it is functional.


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Balance Arm Floor Lamps - Tips and Advice 

When thinking about floor lamps, there are two things to consider: practicality and aesthetic. Luckily, the balance arm is fantastic at satisfying both. 

One of the greatest benefits of a balance arm is that they are entirely adaptable to fit the shape that works for you: adjust the reach, angle, and the direction of the lamp head! This means that finding the perfect floor lamp for your needs is so much easier as it removes the one-size-fits-all approach of many standard floor lamps. Of course, this chameleon-like practicality is ideal for use in workspaces, studios and for task-work like reading, but don't think for a second that the balance arm can't be stylishly incorporated into other spaces. From choosing balance arms with luxe finishes and clean lines, to incorporating oversized industrial styles as a statement piece in your reception rooms and bedrooms, there is a balance arm for all.