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LED Illuminated Light for Wall Washing

Since the inception of LED flexible tape there has been a delay in finding ways to use it within a space with resorting to Sellotape and string! Building reveals and pockets into which you stick a self-adhesive tape is okay but it requires a little imagination on the part of the builder and an awful lot of making good. Thankfully our friends in France have stepped in with the ideal solution with a plaster profile specifically designed to be plastered in place that provides the clean, knife edge finishes every designer or architect would like to achieve. Inside the LED tape is mounted to an aluminium heat sink to ensure long life, and a uniform distribution of light.

From the designs illustrated here you can see there are different profiles and one may be better suited to your application than others so choose carefully. In addition each profile can be used with a number of differing LED tapes. If you need design help or want us to work out a project price for you do please get in touch.

By using these three profiles creating invisible lighting could not be easier. Select the profile, fix in place with your choice of LED lighting and plaster in place. Clean sharp edges are made in crisp plaster that can be painted any colour to suit your design.

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Recessed Reveal Lighting ProfileRecessed Reveal Lighting Profile

Recessed Reveal Lighting Profile

2 Products
Invisible Illumination for Alcoves and Step Walls
Recessed Light Profile for Wall WashingRecessed Light Profile for Wall Washing

Recessed Light Profile for Wall Washing

Invisible Illumination for Pelmets and Step Walls
Hidden Reveal Lighting for LED Strip LightsHidden Reveal Lighting for LED Strip Lights

Hidden Reveal Lighting for LED Strip Lights

3 Products
Invisible illumination for alcoves and step walls
Items 1 to 3 of 3.