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Ceiling Spotlights, Spot Bars & Surface Mounted Lights for Ceilings

Not the fanciest or prettiest of lights but spotlights and spot bars are something everyone requires for certain rooms. Excellent for directional lighting or to highlight certain areas of a room, think of them in a kitchen illuminating worktops or utility spaces - those areas which need decent light.

Thankfully there are a number of finishes and styles to choose from so you can add something stylish and not just functional. A number of these spot bars and plates are energy saving, something that should be considered if you want lower fuel bills and longer lamp life.

Surface mounted lights, whether square or round, are great for providing spot illumination when you would like a recessed spot light but do not know how to install. These are much easier as a hole in the ceiling does not require to be cut-out - quicker too.

If you are looking for recessed spotlights (that are recessed into the ceiling) visit the Recessed Downlights section here. For bathroom IP rated spotlights visit our bathroom section by clicking here.

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Live Your Life in the Spotlight

Live Your Life in the Spotlight

Why settle for that old fitting in the kitchen, stand out from the crowd and be in the spotlight of your friends.

You may wonder what the best option is: a bar, a square plate or a round plate or even an individual spot light - the possibilities of shapes and styles really is endless!

What are the pros and cons I hear you ask? What is the difference between the bulbs? Why is this fixture better than that one? What style should I go for?

Spot bars are great for long rooms where a large spread of light is needed, ideal for corridors or large rooms.

Ceiling plates are good for rooms smaller in size, but where different lighting angles are still required.

All of the spotlight fittings are ideal for highlighting key elements around the house and to brighten up those dark corners.

The LED options produce low heat output, meaning you can adjust the lamp heads while on and insitu, making sure you get the light exactly where you want it.

For a more cost effective choice we suggest buying fittings with halogen lamps, but if helping the environment is one of your bugbears you'll prefer the LED options, and with cheaper running costs you'll eventually recuperate the initial expense.

So, whatever style you choose you can be assured that a spot light will highlight all that is important to you, even the darkest of corners!

Modern Spiral Adjustable Eyeball LED Spot Light

Modern Spiral Adjustable Eyeball LED Spot Light

2 Products
Two Finish Options Available
Quad Adjustable Square Spotlight in White

Quad Adjustable Square Spotlight in White

Adjustable Lamp Heads - IP44 Rated

Adjustable spotlights in a variety of styles and finishes. Perfect for directional lighting to highlight worktops, desks, features and more. Functional yet practical and hopefully stylish too!