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Decorative & Ornate Pendants

These pendants have decorative detailing either in the form of overlapping disks, laser cut images or unusual designs. Metal is great for practicality, if installed in the kitchen children can virtually swing off them (not recommended) and will remain in tact for some time. Circular pendants are iconic and always look great in many settings providing good lighting and interesting ambience.

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Modern White Disk Pendant

Modern White Disk Pendant

Adjust the Suspension to Suit
Metal Closed Flower Pendant LightMetal Closed Flower Pendant Light

Metal Closed Flower Pendant Light

2 Products
White or Gold Finish
Geometric Pendants with Lightspill EffectGeometric Pendants with Lightspill Effect

Geometric Pendants with Lightspill Effect

12 Products
Gold, White or Black
White Butterfly Cut-Out PendantWhite Butterfly Cut-Out Pendant

White Butterfly Cut-Out Pendant

Perfect for Bedrooms or Living Rooms
Multi-Reflective Chrome PendantsMulti-Reflective Chrome Pendants

Multi-Reflective Chrome Pendants

3 Products
Diameter 180mm, 320mm or 470mm
Multi-Reflective Rose Gold PendantsMulti-Reflective Rose Gold Pendants

Multi-Reflective Rose Gold Pendants

2 Products
Diameter 180mm or 470mm
White Flower Cut-Out Pendant White Flower Cut-Out Pendant

White Flower Cut-Out Pendant

Perfect for Bedrooms or Living Rooms
Metal Planet Pendant - Adjustable ShapeMetal Planet Pendant - Adjustable Shape

Metal Planet Pendant - Adjustable Shape

2 Products
Unique in Design - Available in Black or White
White Pebbles Irregular Pendant

White Pebbles Irregular Pendant

Large Diameter 470mm
Elliptical White Ceiling PendantElliptical White Ceiling Pendant

Elliptical White Ceiling Pendant

3 Products
Copper, Chrome & Brass Central Detail
Items 1 to 10 of 10.