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Hand Built and Hand Finished Lighting

Hand built and hand finished lighting from independent designers and far flung countries.  These lights offer something for the customer who likes unusual yet stylish lighting. A variety of lights in a variety of finishes and styles. Do not feel limited on your choice of lighting if your home is of the more traditional type - why not make a statement with a hand built and hand finished light and give everyone that enters your home something to talk about?

Items 25 to 22 of 22.
Items 25 to 22 of 22.

Artisan handbuilt lighting

Lighting Styles is always on the look-out and ever hopeful of finding new designers who are offering something different.  We constantly strive to find unusual yet practical lighting for our customers.  Keep coming back and checking this section for further listings.  In the meantime hopefully you will find something suitable for your requirements and vision if not within this category then within Lighting Styles website.