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Demister Pads for Steam Free Bathroom Mirrors

Gone are the days when you step out of a steaming hot shower to a mirror that is misted over and takes a good twenty minutes to clear. These days all you need to do is buy one of our self adhesive pads, wire it into the lighting circuit for your illuminated mirror and within two minutes your mirror is fog free. Even better yet, switch it on before you get into the shower and the mirror is never cold enough for the fog to form in the first place. Neat eh?

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Heated Demister Pad - 60w - 700mm x 500mm
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Heated Demister Pad - 60w - 700mm x 500mm

Great for Defogging Steamed up Bathroom Mirrors
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Mirror defoggers & demisters

If a customer wants to purchase a demister pad when they buy an illuminated mirror, we ask if their bathroom is new, has an extractor fan installed as often the lamps in the mirror are sufficient to defog the mirror if turned on BEFORE having a shower/bath and the room is well ventilated. Of course older bathrooms and those people who prefer a sauna type situation will benefit from using a demister pad on the mirror.