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Do you have a dark corner that is needs brightening up? You should consider placing a lamp on a table or using a floor lamp to rejuvenate the space. Luckily many manufacturers offer matching table and floor lamps to help you link furnishings together.

Floor lamps are a great alternative to using a ceiling light, adding height to a space and providing task or ambient lighting for the home and office.

In general, table lamps are smaller, more versatile, and give a more localised light than floor lamps. Whereas desk lamps can be used to provide task lighting in a study or just because they look great!

Featured Products

Stylos Floor Lamp by Flos

Two sources of lighting
Comes complete with lamps
Unusual contemporary design
Great used singularly but fantastic in multiples

Price £414.80

Floor or Table Uplighter with LED Lamp

Ideal for use on floor or table
Two finishes
Supplied with LED lamp
Uplights walls

Price £75.84
Floor lamps are portable and can be moved from one area to another especially if you like to rearrange your room each week! They can be used for different lighting purposes such as ambient lighting, up lighting, spot lighting artwork, and task lighting. Offering a variety of lighting elements, including halogen and incandescent.

In addition to their practicality and stylishness floor lamps help make a room look more “cozy”. There are many different styles of lamps: Art Deco, contemporary, modern, traditional, retro, rustic and even tropical. Nowadays you should be able to find a design to compliment your décor.

You can also find very versatile styles of floor lamps, such as the counter balance or long reach designs that make a statement in a room. Some floor lamps also incorporate tables for you to place say a book or drink.

Desk Lights and table lamps
Often table lamps are regarded as outdated and consequently can be overlooked in more modern environments. After all not many would consider a cloth shade on a turned pine stand as being leading edge interior design. But is this a little short-sighted? Pay more than £10 for a table lamp and you get much more than a coolie shade and a base! Table lamps can be used in differing and functional ways to enhance a space or to provide necessary task lighting.

Popping a table lamp on a bedside table provides a low glare light when reading at night and eases you into the morning without switching on a bright overhead light. Thousands of designs are available to suit your style and decor. But most important of bedside table lights means you can switch the light without getting out of a warm bed.

Living Rooms
Many users place matching table lamps on sofa table to keep the symmetrical look of a room. But the use of single lamps in living spaces means low light levels that can be altered to suit the mood and other artificial or natural light in a space. When used at night, table lamps produce a soft warm glow that is pleasing to the eye.

Study or Home Office
If you work regularly from a home office or simply use a study for more than storing ironing you will appreciate overhead lights provide more problems than they solve due to poor lighting levels and shadows on the working plane (desk). There are many great desk lamps to choose from whether your taste is contemporary or traditional you will find alight that will suite your needs and budget.