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Be Captain Planet - save energy!

Chris Jeffreys - 21 January 2012 - Energy Saving, LED Designer Lighting

We all feel like we have a little captain planet in us, and all want to do our best when it comes to helping or saving the planet. A great way of this is in lighting, with energy saving lamps. The latest buzz and word on the street at the moment is LED lamps, These are totally energy saving, and not only that still supplying a great light source – Think Take That, they lost 1 band member, but the sounds and smooth vocals still sounded as good with 4. That’s energy saving – sounding like the original Take That, but using one man less.
The best thing about energy saving lamps is that they give out the same output, but uses less energy. Crazy I know. They could have called it something a little more obvious, but energy saving is what they went with. Take me for example I have changed all the lighting in my house to energy saving, so having energy saving lamps I have saved money on my bills, and now finally have enough money to buy that lilac and cream full body suit.
There are 2 main examples of energy saving lamps – compact fluorescent and Leds. Compact fluorescents are really the Mac daddy of what people think is energy saving lamps. They are a cost effective option and are widely available from most websites and local shops. LEDs are a lot more energy saving, and a perfect replacement for downlights, they are a little more expensive than compact fluorescents but could save you more money in the long run.
Energy saving, saving energy – it couldn’t be more clearly. The first letter of energy saving is E, and the first letter of saving is S. You will also find a few more letters in energy saving, n,e,r,g,y,s,a,v,i,n, and g are found. Add these letters up and you have energy saving.
I run a evening class at my local college, where we paint celebrities in their underpants, we needed lots of lighting, I made the decision to go low energy last year, not only are our costs down, but the light source from the energy saving LEDs is second to none. Everything just seems a lot clearer.
If we’re all honest, we all like saving energy, we all like being energy saving. Why walk up the stairs when you can take the lift? This really is how I think energy saving should be remembered.
In all honesty all lamps have an energy saving option. It’s worth in not only short term but long term too. You may find it that it costs slightly more, but I promise you if you change to energy saving lamps, they’ll be so many positives, one being you can save energy yourself by not changing the lamps so much – you’ll be energy saving :o)
So next time you find yourself buying lamps, remember 2 things, you should be buying energy saving. And I wonder how much take that greatest hits albums costs, as you know it’s the perfect mix of class and it’ll give you that warm feeling you deserve.

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