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Pendants which make a statement!

Karen - 20 June 2011 -

A lovely contemporary ceiling pendant fitting which is extremely pleasing on the eye. Pendants are great for almost every living space as they are adjustable which makes them an ideal choice for bedroom, dining room or any room with a high ceiling. Such a designer pendants becomes not just a functional lighting piece but a real focal and talking point to a the room.

It is important to get lighting right in every room. Consider an extra couple of table or floor lamps in addition to your main ceiling light which will ensure you have sufficient lighting layers for all the activities and tasks you might undertake in the space. Also there may be a particular lighting effect or mood you are looking to create. By varying the lighting sources, fixing heights, lamp/ bulb colour temperatures we can create exciting and inviting rooms with a warm ambience or dramatic edge, Lighting Styles will be pleased to help you if you are struggling with what will work best.

The designer Lemon Swirl pendant is an interesting pendant by Scandinavian designer Karre Baegarrd. By using geometry for his inspiration the fan effect shade of the pendant light has resulted in a simple, modern and yet unusual piece. It rather reminds me of a large Lemon Juicer!

Do not settle for boring lighting when there is so much choice available - check out Lighting Styles vast range of designer pendants.

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Exterior Wall Lighting

Katie Jefferies - 14 June 2011 -

Exterior wall lighting comes in many guises from functional bulk head lighting to architectural lighting and up/ down wall lights to low level lighting.

For those of us looking to reduce our environmental impact we may fit energy saving or energy efficient exterior wall lights. We choose to control these with automated control units such as dusk till dawn light sensors or PIR motion sensors, there are even advanced sensors able to incorporate both these light/ lux level and motion features along with timers.

If looking to control the direction of the light beam, then by choosing down only wall lights, for example fixed or adjustable wall mounted spotlights will limit the spread of the light. These are often referred to as low glare. In addition to this you may want to fit narrow beam lamps to further concentrate and direct the light beam. This is an ideal combination when wanting to highlight a feature, for example a house name/ number plaque or even restrict the light to the key hole in your front door.

Though brushed steel and aluminium continue to be the most popular colour and finish choices, there are a variety of finishes available from the very popular, contemporary brushed steel to minimal and smart matt black and warm, luxurious copper.

In addition to the many colours and finishes available there are a great range of shapes and styles to. Cylindrical or canister wall lights, half moon shaped down lights, rectangular box like lights and trendy, modernist cube lights. Alternatively the traditionalist is also well catered for with classically styled fisherman lanterns, Scandinavian lanterns with smart shades and strong, weather resistant finishes and features.

Tags:  exterior wall lights, adjustable exterior spot lights, architectural up and down, bulk heads, lanterns

Bathroom Lighting a guide

Kevin - 14 June 2011 -

Bathroom Lighting can be a baffling and confusing subject to many trying to choose safe, attractive and suitable lighting for their luxury home spas and wet rooms! For many of us building, renovating or up dating our homes our bathrooms have now become a major consideration. We spend a lot more time in the bathroom pampering and relaxing and, with a growing market in men’s grooming products it means both men and women are enjoying the sanctuary of the bathroom.

This means the bathroom or shower room, whether small or palatial should have sufficient ambient lighting, allowing us to safely navigate through the steam, avoiding any stubbed toes! This is traditionally ceiling mounted and may vary in its required IP rating (safety requirements), which are all based on the proximity of water sources. Typically choosing fittings with a rating of IP44 are likely to be sufficient for most bathrooms. Unless inside a shower enclosure or directly over a shower/ bath and, here is it necessary to use a fitting rated IP65 or above (IP67). There are now many styles available, whether looking for simple round light fittings with opal diffusers for an even distribution, adjustable spot light plates and bars for ultimate flexibility or something considerably more decorative, individual and chic, such as tiered glass downlights and even contemporary chandeliers.

Then there is task lighting to consider, which is essential when applying make up or shaving. This can be provided by individual wall mounted lights or incorporated within mirrors and cabinets. There are many wall light designs to choose from, some designed to be positioned horizontally over a mirror and sink area and many such over mirror lights come with built in shaver sockets which are great for electric toothbrush too! Others can be mounted vertically to either side of a mirror; an arrangement like this can be very affective at eliminating shadows.

Alternatively all of the above can be catered for with a complete illuminated shaving mirror and cabinet. Sand blasted glass panels allow plenty of diffused, even light through to facilitate with make up and shaving. Smaller illuminated vanity mirrors can be a very useful addition and offer added features such as magnification of 3x or 5x, tilt and single or bi-fold arms designed to extend and retract according to users individual needs.

Once ambient and task lighting sources have been decided a third lighting layer could be incorporated into the lighting design scheme. In other rooms in the home this might be achieved with table and floor lamps, in kitchens we often use interior cabinet lights and recessed plinth lights. This third layer is often called Decorative or Mood lighting and as a light source can be most effective in creating a desired atmosphere taking on many forms; recessed ceiling lighting or sunken floor uplighters with programmable LED colour changing technology, low level wash lighting similar to that we might use in kitchen plinths and exterior decking!

Tags:  bathroom lighting, ceiling lights, reccessed downlights, IP44, IP65, over mirror, vanity mirror, illuminated mirror

Garden spike lights to make boring plants interesting again

Diane - 13 June 2011 -

There is definitely something to be said for garden lighting during the summer. You may think it is unnecessary but when you entertain in the garden, whether it be an impromptu barbecue or a large garden party, it is really lovely to see the trees and plants lit adding interest and sparkle to the affair.

Lighting emphasises the texture of plants and shines through foliage to highlight the different shades of green. Even the most boring of plants can look totally different with a concealed lighting source twinkling through the leaves. Trees can also look ethereal when lit with ground spikes – just ensure the spikes are positioned correctly and angled upwards into the trees.

It is relatively easy to install garden spike lights and these will add a real mystical feel to your garden no matter whether it is a large plot or postage stamp size. Even roof gardens can benefit from good lighting and will become a unique space, bringing your outdoors in. You can hire a professional electrician to lay the cabling in discreet conduits along the side of the building and position uplighters or low level diffused lights at strategic intervals to highlight the pots you have.

Not only do trees and plants benefit from lighting but statues, urns, waterfalls and architectural features can benefit, the lighting will bring out their best features. Ensure you position the light underneath and upwards.

Tags:  garden lighting, exterior lighting, uplighters, exterior wall lights

Lighting Styles is now on Facebook

Diane - 6 June 2011 -

Lighting Styles is keen to share up- to-the-minute information with their customers allowing them to be the first to know about daily deals, price cuts, end of line items and discount codes. By choosing “like” on any one feed will allow you the customer to follow all the latest lighting trends and be one of the first to know when new products are listed.

Lighting Styles posts links on a regular basis for newly listed items which take you straight through to the website giving you quick access to the hottest products.Whilst Facebook has snippets and insights about newly listed lighting, Lighting Styles website has a wealth of information about how and where to install products. The bathroom section of the website has in depth technical advice and diagrams. There is also a “Question & Answer” tab on each product which will list other customer’s queries and if the answer to your question is not there, you have the option to “Ask a question” which will be responded to by the technical team within 36 hours.

Lighting Styles technical team are eager to pass on their knowledge and experience and change listings to reflect the questions you ask. Your question helps other customers and the more feedback we receive, the more chance there is of you winning a prize, as your name will be entered into a monthly draw.

Make sure you check out Facebook today to find out what is on offer and remember to post your review once you have purchased.

Happy shopping!

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Why is lighting important...

Diane - 2 June 2011 -

Why is lighting important?

Lighting is not just about illumination it encompasses so much more. Lighting can make a room feel inviting, warm and add visual interest. Good lighting is one of the single most important factors in decorating your home – without light the other elements of your room design would be invisible. With so many different types of lighting available now that you should not limit your design to mere lighting but make it a feature in its own right.

It is not just modern new homes that can benefit from contemporary lighting, any room in any style can be given a new look by choosing one of the latest eye catching designs. Of course it is great if you have a large sum of money to spend on lighting but this again should not limit you as many top end designers have a budget range which will suit the more cost conscious customer.

Lighting Styles has many different types of lighting from the standard "does what it says" to the "wow is that a light or a piece of art?" fitting.

It may seem a daunting task to purchase lighting for your space but if you consider these four basic types of lighting it will give you a start on your scheme:

Ambient lighting: the name given to light that is all around us or general background illumination. Daylight is ambient lighting so for the home ambient light can be supplied by one source or (much more effectively) a number of different lights.

Task lighting: this is the basic name given to any type of lighting which allows you to perform a task, i.e. sewing, reading, applying make-up or preparing food in a kitchen.

Accent lighting: this is the lighting that is used to highlight special features, i.e. wall alcove or period feature either inside or outside, up lighting a garden sculpture etc.

Decorative lighting: this is used primarily for decoration rather than illumination and is lights such as lava lamps, neon signs, Christmas tree lights and much more.

You'll find many more inspirational lights in our Designer Lighting section.

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