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Pendant Lights by Chris Jeffreys

Chris Jeffreys - 23 January 2011 -

Lighting is the most important part of finishing a room. And what better lighting? pendant lighting. Sometimes, this is called drop or suspended, but we all know it as pendants. Itís a single fitting that hangs from the ceiling that is suspended by a cord, chain or metal rod. Some people like to hang multiples together to create an effect, either having 2 or 3 of the same coloured fitting, or going completely different and having 3 different colours next to each other. Pendant lights come in loads of different sizes, going from small and tiny, to over the top massive. They come in different materials too, glass to metal and even plastic. Pendant lighting is not only an indoor thing. Many companies have a selection of pendant lighting that is suitable for outdoors, for use in all weather conditions.
Some pendants are even made of thick paper, Crazy, a Pendant made of paper, unusual but it does work.
Most people use pendant lighting in the kitchen, for use above a table when people are eating, I have one in my kitchen and I love eating a large steak with all the trimmings knowing that my pendant light is providing the light.
Pendants arenít just used for their light though, they are used to create a 1st positive impact, a positive impact, some pendants are so unusual in their appearance, being so large, bright and colourful that they stand out on their own when they are off.
People often use pendant lights when they have a large space to fill, the flex on the end of the pendant can often be extended. Some people when they have a group of pendants like to have their pendants at different lengths so that they all hang down at different drops. This adds character to the room and makes the pendants stand out.
Youíll often find pendant lighting in fancy restaurants, and trendy bars. Having a few above a bar with the right light levels and make a place a lot more appealing and inviting. Hotels like to have large pendants in their reception, with customers normally having had a long journey in their car itís nice to have somewhere warm and inviting and the know that youíre in safe hands and that youíre going to be looked after.
Pendant lighting is a lot like pick and mix sweets. There is a lot of choice out there, and some will not be to your taste, like I hate Liquorice, I hate it when I ask for some sweets and someone comes back with that. But there is something out there for everyone, Pendant lights and lighting in general is something that you canít rush, like making the perfect cup of tea, you had to let the tea brew for a while, but once you find the pendant light that you like, and the pendant light you love, youíll be happy that you waited and took your time on your pendant light.

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