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Glow in the Dark - Cool

David Styles - 16 June 2010 - Energy Saving, LED Designer Lighting

Glow in the Dark Lighting

Heh this is an awesome (a term our web editor likes to use often!) product ideal for a present especially as it comes in a gift like box. A bit funky and a bit cool... Another phrase we could use for this light!

This Glow brick gathers solar power during the day and then, as the night falls, it gradually begins to light up.  Made with a real light bulb and phosphor luminescent material, encased in acrylici this has a polished surface to give a jewel like effect.

No limits as to where it could be used or taken as it requires no batteries or main powers - just the sun and it is summer... Right?!

Tags:  solar light bulb, glow in the dark, present for teenager, cool and funky, no batteries required

Another listing for a product by Timorous Beasties

Diane Styles - 11 June 2010 -

New Groovy Lighting

The Glasgow based 'Beasties' began working together in 1990 after they meet at the Glasgow School of Art.  The 'Beasties' specialise in interior products using their print skills to innovate.

Once described as 'William Morris on acid' their work has evolved and they have won many awards including a UK Millennium product award and the 2003 ICFF New York wall covering prize.  They were nominated for the 2005 Designer of the Year Award by The London Design Museum.

We love these products are pleased to be able to offer them to our customers.  This floor lamp shade is available in two colours, red (as shown) and grey.  The base of the floor lamp is a tri-pod and can be highered or lowered to suit.

The design house we buy these products from offers so many different and unusual products, they are a firm favourite with us and we hope they are with you too.

We've listed:

Leaf Floor Lamp - red or grey shade
Leaf Drum Pendant - red or grey with diffuser

Tags:  leaf pendant, leaf floor lamp, tripod base, Timorous Beasties designers

Long Drop Pendants

Diane Styles - 11 June 2010 -

Long Drop Pendant Lights

Lighting Styles receives numerous enquiries for long drop pendants which are to be installed in stairwells, hallways or large living areas.

We love the Glycerine Long Drop Pendant which has multiple wires suspended from a ceiling plate which houses five GU10 lamps providing lighting at a total wattage of 250.  The height of this pendant is 1100mm which is a great for higher ceilings and stairwells, it has unusual glass baubles which make this light very interesting.

There are various other long drop pendants which are also favourites such as the Fountain Cascade which is a great product and provides excellent value for the quality and size.

Tags:  long drop pendants, cascade, glycerine long drop, cascade pendant, stairwell pendant, hallway lighting

Another shipment of Terre d'Hautaniboul

Diane Styles - 4 June 2010 -

French Ceramic Lighting

We've been making a whole lot of noise for a while now about ceramic range of lights from our favourite French factory and we just received another shipment and everyone took a few moments away from their desk to come and take a look.

Authentique et actual as we are proud to say. Even the large pallet size cartons are packed with straw from French fields where you know they've been blowing in the breeze and basking in the sun! It smells gorgeous and makes us remember that all products need not be packaged in polystyrene and plastic bags.

Then we take a look at each and every item to make sure every component has made the journey from France without breakage and while we do this a battle breaks out between members of staff to pick their favourite colour.

So far we have listed:

The single pendants, “Suspension, suspension fixe and suspension avec chaine”.
The single rise and fall, “Monte-et-Baisse”.
The trapeze rise & fall, “Trapeze Monte-et-Baisse”.

The next product to be listed is the triple fixed pendant, “Lustre Lyre triple”, as seen in the picture. We love these lights and many of our customers do too!

Tags:  Terre d, Hautaniboul, ceramic lights, french style lights, rise & fall